What is an unfinished auction in a market profile chart?

An unfinished auction, also known as a single print, is a market profile term that refers to a price level where only one trade occurred during a trading session. It appears on the market profile chart as a single letter or number, indicating the price at which the trade occurred.

An unfinished auction occurs when there is a temporary imbalance between buyers and sellers, which results in only one trade at a particular price level. This can happen for various reasons, such as a sudden surge in demand or supply, or a large order executed by a market participant.

Unfinished auctions are important in market profile analysis because they can represent areas of support or resistance, depending on whether the single print is located above or below the current price. If the single print is above the current price, it may act as a level of resistance, as there may be sellers willing to sell at that price level. Conversely, if the single print is below the current price, it may act as a level of support, as there may be buyers willing to buy at that price level.

Traders and investors use unfinished auctions to identify potential levels of support and resistance and to develop trading strategies based on these levels. If the market approaches an unfinished auction, traders may watch for signs of a breakout or reversal and adjust their trading positions accordingly.