How to define Scanner time-frame in Amibroker ?

If you are new to the Amibroker, learn how to define your Amibroker scanner candle time-frame. The information here is about to save you a few hours when setting up the Amibroker Scanner for the first time.

You can Access the Amibroker Scanner from the Toolbar ANALYSIS > NEW ANALYSIS

Unlike many retail Trading Platforms where you define the scanner candle settings inside the main software, The Amibroker scanner candle time-frame are defined using AFL codes.

The instruction that defines your scanning time-frame are used as the first line of your AFL Scanner file. This first line instructs your amibroker the time frame it needs to be screening on.

This is an example of the AFL code that scans for 8 34 ema crossover only on a 5 minute candle.

Buy = Cross(EMA( Close , 8 ) , EMA( Close , 34 )) ;
Sell = Cross(EMA( Close , 34 ) , EMA( Close , 8)) ;

The line 1 we used on the above AFL code instructs the amibroker to scan for BUY and SELL conditions on a 5 minute candle.

Amibroker Scanner Time-Frame

AFL Codes that define different time-frames can be found here.