Amibroker Scanner vs Explore, for LAYMAN.


Amibroker Scanner vs Explore, Comparison ?

Once you start using the above 2 Amibroker tools on a daily basis, the difference between Scanner and Exploration tools becomes clearer.

If you have not started using them yet, this article will help you get to understand the difference between these two tools on your Amibroker software.

  1. Both the Amibroker Scanner and the Amibroker Exploration are realtime stock screening tools.
  2. The Amibroker Scanner Tool is used by traders, to screen stocks by BUY, SELL, SHORT, COVER conditions. On the other hand the Amibroker Exploration tool screens stocks by the generic filter conditions and not by any specific BUY, SELL conditions.
  3. When opening a chart directly from the Scanner tool, the chart opens up with the BUY, SELL signals plotted by default. While, on the Amibroker Exploration tool no signals are plotted on chart.
  4. On the Amibroker Scanner, Sound alerts are coded inside the AFL code, while on the Amibroker Exploration tool, the sound alerts are specified under the Amibroker Preference settings.
  5. If you need only a stock screener like the ones you are used to, the Amibroker Exploration tool will do that for you. However, to generate signals for BUY, SELL conditions on the same tool, you will need to use the Amibroker Scanner tool.
  6. The Amibroker Exploration tool has a feature to add multiple custom columns and display the values you on screen. This feature is not supported on the Amibroker Scanner, instead the AFL is coded to display this values on your chart.

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