Zerodha Pi SCANNER – Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Zerodha Pi Scanner is a Real-Time Stock Screener built into the Zerodha Pi Trading Terminal. This is a Desktop Trading Application.

What Time Frame Screening conditions are Supported?

The Zerodha Pi Scanner screens through intraday candles only, minutes and hour candles but not daily, weekly etc.

The Treadescript programming language used in the Pi scanner does not support scanning across multiple time frames or comparing today’s intraday values to previous day’s values. 

Who can use The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

You will need to have a Zerodha Trading Account to access there Pi Trading Platform.

What time does The Zerodha Pi Scanner Start working?

The Zerodha Pi Scanner works only when The Stock Market is open.

Can I scan stocks in the evening after the Markets are closed / EOD?

No. The Zerodha Pi Scanner is a Real-Time Scanner. It does not scan or work when the markets are closed.

What segments are supported on The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Zerodha Pi scanner supports, Equity, F&O, Currency and Commodity segments.

Can I compare screening conditions across different intraday timeframe?

No. Screening conditions can be coded across the same timeframe only. 

Does The Zerodha Pi Scanner have sound alerts?

The Zerodha Pi Scanner does not have sound alerts. However you can use the external Sound Alert Plugin designed for The Zerodha Pi Scanner.

How do I know when stocks are Screened on The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

You need to watch out for the ALERT TIME column on your Zerodha Pi Scanner window. This column will TURN YELLOW when a stock has been identified with your Tradescript conditions.

Does The Zerodha Pi Scanner support Auto-Trading?

The Zerodha Pi Scanner does not support Auto-trading.

What scripting language does The Zerodha Pi Scanner use for coding Strategies?

The Zerodha Pi Scanner works on a Scripting language called, TradeScript.

Can I create my own Screening conditions for The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Yes. You can create your own Screening conditions using the TradeScript Language.

Where can I find Ready-Made Intraday scanning codes to use with The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Ready-Made codes for The Zerodha Pi Scanner are available here.

How do I use these ready-made scanner codes on The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Tutorial video on using The Zerodha Pi Scanner is available here.

Can I use daily candle values when coding my Zerodha Pi Scanner strategies?

The Zerodha Pi Scanner does not support screening through daily candle values. This is an Intraday Scanner.

Can I create Strategies comparing today’s intraday candles to Yesterday’s High, Low, Close etc? 

NO. Such Strategies, based on Yesterday Candle Values cannot be coded on The Zerodha Pi Scanner.

You cannot screen if current prices is above, below or equalt to Yesterday’s Open, High, Low or Close.

Can I code strategies in reference to specific candles at specific time of the day?

Such strategies are not supported for screening on The Zerodha Pi Scanner.

You cannot create screening conditions comparing current price to today’s opening 15min candle or today’s 10am candle etc.

Can I scan for price-action conditions comparing today’s intraday price to Today’s High, Low, Open etc using Zerodha pi scanner? 

No. Such Strategies cannot be screened on The Zerodha Pi Scanner.

Eg, you cannot check if the current intraday price is equal to today’s high, low, open etc.

Can I use Supertrend, VWAP Indicator condition on The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Supertrend, VWAP Indicator function are not supported on The Zerodha Pi Scanner.

Can I add all F&O Stocks to The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Yes. You can add all F&O stocks manually to the Pi Scanner List

Where can I do custom coding for The Zerodha Pi Scanner?

You can order Custom Codes for The Zerodha Pi Scanner using the Services here.