How to set Stock Price Alerts on Mobile For Free ? SOLVED

How to Set Free stock Price Alerts on your Mobile ?

This function is useful for traders, who are not able to monitor the price charts throughout the day.

If you are an investor or daytrader in India having a full time job elsewhere, this hack could be useful for you to keep track on your investments or trades.

Please note: To use this facility you do not need to be an Upstox account holder. This facility on the Upstox mobile app is available for free and can be used by any investor or daytrader in India.

STEP 1 : From Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

STEP 2 : Search for “upstox”.

STEP 3 : Download the upstox mobile app.

STEP 4 : Choose the LIVE Demo option.

STEP 5 : Find the “Price Alert” menu and create a new stock price alert.

The alerts are generated for free on your mobile when the Price moves UP or DOWN the your desired Price level.

Upstox provides a handful of useful features for daytrader’s and investors in India.

If you do not have an Upstox trading account yet, you can open a second trading account with upstox and make use of other productive features on their WEB and Mobile Trading Platform.

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Screenshots of Setting Price Alerts on Your Mobile for Free.