JNSAR Trading System : An old Trading Formula revisited

JNSAR Nifty Index Trading System History:

Few months ago I came across the term JNSAR trading system ( Just Nifty Stop And Reverse).

A JNSAR value for Nifty was being reported on the niftytrader site’s daily report. The niftyrader site seemed to take the JNSAR value with much importance and showed reverence to its creator.

This caught my attention and I researched on JNSAR and was surprised with what I had discovered.
A succesful trading system invented in India now gathering dust. The author of the JNSAR trading system was Mr. Ilango from India.

The JNSAR technique was at its peak momentum during 2010-2014. This was the about the time when the author, Mr. Ilango was active through his personal blog. Mr. Ilango interacting with other traders in India and helping them to trade this trading system.

Reading the blog entries dated back to 2010, the trading system was mainly used for trading the Nifty index. Mr. Ilango published daily JNSAR values for stocks and the nifty index on his blog and not the recipe.

Back in 2010-2014 this trading system gained much attention. At the peak of his popularity and trading career. For no particular reason,  one morning Mr. Ilango decides to call it a day. Mr. Ilango now stopping and reversing from his own jnsar value disappointed his followers.

The followers not knowing the recipe to cook the JNSAR value was scattered. Like a sheep without a shepherd this valuable trading system was lost and forgotten.

Revival of the classical JNSAR Trading System

With time and patience our fellow traders in India matched the ingredients of Mr. Ilango’s original recipe. They cooked up the formula once again for the JNSAR value. The JNSAR value was now available, but the trading system had lost its followers.

Once I learned of JNSAR’s history, I began to test and follow it for a while on the Nifty Index. I found this trading system too good to be ignored and let to gather dust.

The JNSAR formula itself is a bit complex for manual calculation. I tried getting this formula running on spreadsheet, but the ema loop on the formula was not possible on a live google sheet.


About Creating an ALGO for JNSAR Trading System on Tradingview:

We traders need a JNSAR Trading system indicator that is automatic. With no manual intervention. An algo that can generate jnsar values live while the market is still trading. I thought, if we could get this Trading system running of Tradingview charts this could be very helpful.

I had a discussion with @syam-mohan-vs . Syam, an active daytrader and an expert pinescript programmer on the daytrading chatroom on Tradingview.  Syam was open to new ideas and keen to contribute to the daytrading community in India.

Syam got the JNSAR Trading system programmed in pinescript. The T7 JNSAR indicator now ready and running on tradingview public library.  He was impressed with the backtest results of the JNSAR trading system.

The backtest results on tradingview shows a 39 percent Profitability with JNSAR trading on the Nifty index. He also found out that the JNSAR system was good on the Nifty index and not ideal for individual stocks.

Thanks to Syam for getting this classical trading system revived. A very good trading system now made possible again using Tradingview charts.



For instructions on how to trade using the JNSAR system, refer to the instruction manual attached along with @syam-mohan-vs T7 JNSAR Trading Indicator on the indicator library of Tradingview :



Illango’s Original JNSAR Blog: https://jusnifty.wordpress.com/category/jnsar-trading/

Illango is now active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/justnifty?lang=en