Charting Platform with Open Interest Indicator ? SOLVED

Open Interest is a very important data point when deciding to daytrade or swing trade in India.

The Open Interest Data is normally available as a column data on your market watch.

Having a Charting platform with an Open Interest Indicator could be very useful tool for Futures and Option traders.

The reliance tick web platforms supports live plotting of Open interest data on a 1 min Chart.

This helps you track the progress of OI throughout the trading day on a 1 min chart.

Screenshot of Tick web app with Open Interest indicator.

chart with open interest indicator

TICK Web app supports other Indicators like :

  1. Open Interest.
  2. PCR.
  3. PCR Volume.
  4. Basis.
  5. Fresh Contracts.
  6. Square Off Contracts.
  7. Rollover.
  8. Cost Of Carry.

open interest indicator

The above indicator plotting on 1 min charts are unique to the Reliance tick web platform.

To get access to this valuable charting platform, open up a Trading and demat account with reliance.

The account opening fee cost about 500+ INR with no annual maintenance charges.

For more information, Visit :


Is Plotting OPEN INTEREST on any charts useful for Intraday Trading ?

In my Opinion, NO. Open Interest figures of most institutional traders are settled and reflected on the exchange only after market close, this does not reflect in the intraday open-interest data on charts.