Zerodha Pi Readymade ALL 209 FNO Cash and Futures workspace file.

The latest version of Zerodha Pi supports up to 250 Scrips on a single Market-watch.

You can now load all the 209 FNO scrips on the Pi Scanner or on a single Market-watch as seen in this video.

Load the entire F&O Scrips from the File menu of Pi. Easy Procedure with One click.

This will help you save time and quickly access the stocks you need directly from the Zerodha Pi maketwatch

Zerodha Pi Readymade work-space file cost just 249/- INR.

How to Use this All F&O work-space file on Zerodha Pi Market-watch or Pi Scanner ?

  1. Download the purchased file on to your desktop.
  2. Clear the Current Market-Watch on your Pi window.
  3. From the “File Menu” on Zerodha Pi, use the “Load Work-space option”.
  4. Locate the file on your desktop and click OPEN.
  5. For Pi Scanner , Create a NEW SCANNER and use this “default market-watch option” to load all the 209 F&O Stocks.

How to Buy The Pre-Formatted Work-Space file for Zerodha Pi for ALL 209 F&O Stocks and Futures ?

Zerodha Pi Readymade work-space files cost just 249/- INR.

3 set of Work-space files includes:

1) 209 F&O Futures list work-space for Futures Segment.
2) 209 F&O underlying equity list work-space for Cash Segment.
3) 96 CLASS A stocks for daytrading equity work-space list.

The files are delivered almost instantly to your email or over the LIVE web-chat.

Zerodha Pi Scanner SIGNAL codes, PREMIUM PACK.

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