Zerodha Pi Chart Not Working | SOLUTION

Zerodha Pi Chart not Working. SOLUTION

Apart from the occasional huffing and puffing, Pi is a decent trading platform in India.

Sometimes you need to jiggle it a bit when something is not working right with Zerodha Pi.

There are 2 common errors you might face while using the Pi charts.

  1. When you open a chart from the market-watch, Pi makes a DING sound and it freezes.
  2. Sometimes the Intraday candles go missing.

Let us discuss some solutions to get things back to Working correctly.

1) IF Pi makes a DING sound when you open a chart from the Market watch and it freezes. Try this SOLUTION

  1. Force EXIT Pi Using ALT + CTRL + DEL
  2. Open the Folder C:\Zerodha\Pi
  3. Select the File register_chart.bat
  4. Right Click the register_chart.bat file and Run as Administrator
  5. Now Start Pi again and the issue is resolved

2) If the Intraday candles Go Missing. Try this SOLUTION

  • Close the Chart
  • Navigate to the Pi Market watch Window
  • Select the Script name
  • Now Press CTRL + R
  • Open the Chart again

Doing this refreshes the chart data cache and now the missing data is back-filled.