Should you update IPhone 5s to IOS 11 ?

Iphone 5s IOS 11

I am an iphone 5s user. Since 2014, using the same iPhone 5s with the same IOS 8 installed

By 2017 , October, it was time up that I decided to update my Iphone5s IOS 8 to the latest IOS 11.

Reason for not updating my iphone 5s software after IOS 8 ?

1) The primary reason for not updating from IOS 8 was, I thought that the latest version of the IOS might slowdown my iphone 5s.

2) Even with IOS 8 installed, the Iphone 5s helped me carry out most of the features I wanted. Like, using the facetime, whats app and most of the other apps I needed.

Why updating my Iphone 5s to the latest IOS 11 now ?

1) After the release of IOS 10, I noticed that the new apps released on the APP Store was not supported on IOS 8. I wanted to try the new apps on my iphone 5s, but it started to show up, this app is not Supported on this version of this IOS.

2) Also I wanted to start using the inbuilt NIGHT SHIFT feature on the latest IOS 11.

Do I regret updating iphone 5s to IOS 11 ?

After the updating my Iphone 5s to IOS 11, I was thinking like, Why didn’t I do this earlier ?

I have not seen any noticeable difference in the speed or any lag in response to touch, as I feared that this might happen.

I should have done this earlier. But better be late then never.

Also, the Night Shift feature on the latest IOS is really beneficial if you use the iphone before you sleep.

Do I recommend you to update your Iphone 5s to IOS 11 ?

In my opinion, you should definitely go for it, without a second thought. Its all to gain and nothing to loose. Good luck.