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How to view Option Greek Values on the Free Options Oracle Software?

The Free Options Oracle Software, helps you design Options Trading Strategies and view all the nitty gritty data-points required for your options trading. Options Oracle Trading Strategy Platform supports option greek values for nifty, banknifty and the F&O stock instruments.

Steps to view Option Greek values for free, using the Options Oracle, Option Trading Strategy software.  

Download and install the Free Options Oracle Software for windows from here.

  1. For example, If you want to view the options greek values of the Nifty50 index instruments, type NIFTY on the Instrument identifier text box on the top left of the Options Oracle Platform.
  2.  Now, click the UPDATE button and wait for the software to identify the instrument. This is a one time process, after the instrument identifier is set, the values get updated automatically as defined by you in the software settings.
  3. To view the options greek values, click the GRK button on the top panel as shown in this screenshot below.

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