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Here’s how to get the replacement legs for a Logitech keyboard in India.

Logitech keyboard users in India facing the issue of broken or damaged keyboard legs can now find a cost-effective solution through’s newly launched 3D printing facility. By leveraging this innovative service, users can easily obtain replacement legs for their Logitech keyboards at a fraction of the cost compared to buying a new keyboard. By following a simple process of downloading the appropriate 3D file, uploading it to, and waiting for the freshly printed legs to arrive, Logitech users can now revive their keyboards without breaking the bank., a leading online platform specializing in robotics, electronics, and DIY components, has unveiled an exciting new offering that caters specifically to Logitech keyboard owners in India. With the advent of 3D printing technology, the process of manufacturing customized parts has become more accessible and affordable, making it an ideal solution for users seeking economical alternatives for their broken keyboard legs.

How it Works:

To avail this convenient service, Logitech keyboard users can follow a straightforward procedure. Firstly, they need to visit, a popular online repository for 3D printable models, and download the correct 3D file corresponding to their specific Logitech keyboard model. These files are typically available for free.

Once the appropriate 3D file is downloaded, you can then visit’s website and navigate to their newly introduced 3D printing section. Here, you can upload the downloaded file and specify any additional customization preferences, such as color or material.

The uploaded file will be processed by’s 3D printing facility, where advanced printers will recreate the Logitech keyboard legs with precision and accuracy. Once the printing process is completed, the newly printed legs will be packaged and dispatched to your provided address.

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