Create FataFat Stock Screener YouTube video and earn 500.

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Create a 8 – 10 minutes of FataFat Stock Screener video on YouTube and get paid 500 INR.

The objective of the video is to let other traders know how the FataFat Stock Screener has benefited you in your Trading.

  1. Create a 8 -10 minute YouTube video of FataFat stock screener.
  2. The YouTube video should include the footage of FataFat Stock Screener and your voice explanation.
  3. The video can be in any language of your choice.
  4. The First 3-4 minutes of the Video should brief on how to access and use the Free FataFat Stock Screener.
  5. The Second Part should summarize a strategy you use daily using Free FataFat Stock Screener and how this has benefited your trading.
  6. This is an example of a format you can follow :

Small Prints before you Start :

  1. Limited to 1 YouTube video per person, on each YouTube user Account.
  2. The YouTube video and your voice should be very clear.
  3. The 500 INR Payout will be Transferred to your PayTM Account the same day.
  4. You should be committed to hosting the same video on your YouTube Channel for a period of 2 years.
  5. Please Contact through live web chat before you start creating the FataFat Stock Screener video.