Vwap NITRO Intraday Scanner for NSE

This Vwap NITRO Scanner is an intraday Scanner for Volume Weighted Average Price Strategy Day trader’s in India.

This Vwap NITRO Scanner supports screening of 209 F&O underlying stocks in the Equity segment.

This NITRO Scanner is useful only if you are already familiar with vwap intraday strategies.

If you are not a v wap trader, you can use the Free FataFat Stock Screener instead.

What is included in the NEW vwap NITRO Intraday Scanner ?

COLUMN A = Stock Rating, Based on Day traders favorite to no not so favorite stocks.

COLUMN B = Symbol name.

COLUMN C = Today’s price change in Percentage.

COLUMN D = Current Market Price.

COLUMN E = v wap values based on the latest 15 min candle.

COLUMN F = Deviation of price to v wap as a percentage.

COLUMN G = Today’s Open Interest built up. 

LONG BUILT UP = Increase in price and Increase in OI.

SHORT BUILT UP = Decrease in price and Increase in OI.

LONG UNWINDING = Decrease in Price and Decrease in OI.

SHORT COVERING = Increase in Price and Decrease in OI

MAX D+ = Highest Vwap Intraday deviation of price above vwap for today.

COLUMN I to AG = Vwap CROSSOVER Screener.

BLUE = Price above vwap.

ORANGE = Price below vwap.

COLUMN AH = VOL PERCENT Identifies today’s traded volume as a percentage of 3 day’s average traded volume.

COLUMN AI = Screens if any Bottom reversal has been screened between 9.30AM to 2.30PM.

COLUMN AJ = MTREND = Master Trend direction of Daily candles based on yesterday’s data. Ideally useful to avoid taking trades against the Master trend of the stock.


How to access the FREE  vwap NITRO Scanner ?

A free version of the vwap NITRO Scanner is available here. with NIFTY 50 stocks, with limited sorting and filtering options.