Discord Intraday Chatroom for Indian Stock Markets

The idea of implementing a chatroom for stock traders in India using the discord platform was conceptualized during May 2016.

Discord supports many of the features you would expect from a social media platform.

This suggestion to start a discord chat-room was put forward by the Discord App development team during March 2017.

With their continued support and encouragement the project was successful.


Discord Chatroom



The Chat room you find on the stocksonfire.in is the FIRST discord chatroom for stock traders in India.

This initial idea has encouraged many people in India to get used to the discord app name.

The discord app is now popular among many stock traders in India.

Hope you would find the discord app interesting for your own projects and share it with your friends too.

You can checkout the StocksonFire Intraday trading Discord Chatroom on https://discord.gg/AuDQd3E