Which is the best Online day trading Terminal in India ?

After trying out many trading platforms in India, The best one I have seen so far, that is fit for daytrading, is the Fyers ONE.

I am surprised , why the ONE from Fyers is not much talked about among the daytrading community. This is like a hidden gem that a majority of retail daytrader’s in India are yet to discover.

The ONE gets the honor of the tag “A trading platform designed for serious day traders”

3 notable reasons I would like to point out here why The Fyers One inbuilt charting stands out from the rest:

1) No visual screen space is wasted while using the app, the entire length and breadth of your screen gets utilized to its most.

2) The price scale on charts is very efficient , I mean it gives you the visual depth of price action the way it should be. 5 INR depth does not look like 1 INR any more.

3) The inbuilt Intraday Scanners are very unique on its own.

Having access to the best platform for intraday stock analysis does not necessarily mean you should be placing your orders from that too. I use The NOW Trader from finvasia for placing brokerage free trading orders to the exchange.

Some Screen Shot of Fyers ONE you might want to have a look at:

Fyers One Trading Terminal Screenshot

Fyers One Trading Terminal Screenshot

Phone up the Fyers brokerage on their customer service number and request a Free One Demo to try it out for yourself.