Valvenet Technologies Review

Valvenet Technologies Review

“try something new today”

This week, I wanted to try out something new, multi time frame scanning the markets using amibroker.


Searching on google for a cheap NSE FnO data-feed for Amibroker, I end up at Valvenet technologies, They sell cheap FnO data-feed for amibroker at 500 INR a month. This price range fits my budget. I call up, Before I bought the data I asked the lady on the telephone, Can I can scan equity stocks using their data ?

The lady at Valvenet technologies says, YES. But they intentionally hidden some material information that was relevant to what I was paying for.

Review on Valevnet technologies :

  1. Too many contact telephone numbers on their website, Most of them switched off, it was a leading indicator that something’s fishy .
  2. But, I was ready to risk 500 INR to “try something new today”.
  3. You call one number and you are asked to call another number.
  4. Finally, manged to get a lady on the line , and I made the payment at about 9:30 am.
  5. The lady confirms the tech support is going to call me back in a few mins. I am all excited.
  6. I stayed put, right in front of the computer, expecting to receive the tech support callback any minute.
  7. Few hours gone past and with more follow up calls , finally the technician calls me back at around 11:30 am.
  8. He set up the data pipeline over team-viewer.
  9. In the noon, I realize the Equity pipeline was still running dry.
  10. I call up one number and they ask me to call another number again.
  11. I call up that number and the lady on the line turns on the valve for Equity data flow.
  12. Now, with high hopes, I settle down for some realtime scanning.
  13. Only to find out that my pipeline with valvenet can scan only 45 stocks at a time.
  14. I call them up again, to ask, why this kolaveri ?
  15. The lady replies, they get their data from google server (most likely for free) and is limited to only 45 stock at a time.
  16. So I ask, Can I have my money back ? Oh Sorry, what comes in does not go out.

Lesson Learnt for 500 Rupees :

  1. To be careful of businesses in the finance industry with too many contact numbers on the website.
  2. If an office that deals with your money or livelihood do not open right on time , they are also likely to default in their commitments to you in the future.
  3. If an organisation mess you around the first day, they are likely to take you for a ride in the coming days.
  4. Time and again it proves, “you pay peanuts you get monkeys”

By the way,

I have managed to contact another data provider in Delhi and set up a new data pipeline to “try something new the next day”.

Sometimes it is good to know, how bad it can get, before you start valuing the reliable services you get in the future.

For the same 500 p.m This new pipeline scans 100 stocks at the same time. That’s good.

The new data provider based in Delhi really impressed me with their professional approach to serving their customers.

No need for any telephone calls, just using the live chat and team-viewer everything was set up, Amazing.

Data up and running in 10 mins, fatafat. This is the quality of service that really takes you by surprise.

Will write a review on that soon.