Review on IRIS Spider Stock Screener for NSE

IRIS Spider Stock Screener

The IRIS Stock Screener is a windows app. The installation files are not available on the public domain.

The IRIS Spider Stock Screener is available on a 1 week Trial from Spider Trading Software developers.

To sign up for the FREE trial you need to phone the company and book an appointment.

A technician will then return your call and request a remote desktop support access. They help you with the installation process through online remote support. 1.5 GB of initial offline installation data is downloaded first, before they can get this software up and running.

Technical knowledge Required:

Some technical expertise is required from the daytrader to start using the Spider Software. If you are not a computer expert it might take you 2-3 days before you can start configuring the screeners. Once you learn to configure the basic screener conditions you should be ready to go.

A Quick Summary on The Spider Stock Screener:

Most of the intraday Screening features are common to other stock screener you will find in India.

85 features of the Intraday price action Screening you find on the Spider Stock Screener are available Free on The Fyers One Trading Terminal.

Some unique features you find only on The Spider Stock Screener :

1) Tick by Tick Realtime Screening.
2) Multi-Time frame Screening (not available on others)
3) An efficient Tick by Tick Charting platform that comes along with the Package.
4) Total BID > ASK and reverse Screening.

The Spider Stock Screener is THE MOTHER of all Stock screeners in India.

The screeners can be customized to any way you want it. From months to even ticks. You name it, you can do it on The Spider Stock Screener.

This top notch Stock Screening technology and their outstanding customer service comes at a huge price tag of 50k INR. A 1 year subscription will cost you 50K. This works out 1000 INR for every Trading week. A one week trial option is available.

What needs improving on the Spider Stock Screener ? :

The historical data for the previous day, needs to be manually downloaded every morning before you start using this app for the day. This is a bit of inconvenience.

Sound alerts work only on the built in predefined price action screeners. No option for sound alerts for custom screener conditions.

IRIS Spider Stock Screener : Explore Complete Features

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