The Best Nifty INDEX trader in India, I know of

@vijay73 is a veteran index trader and a long time member on the tradingview chatroom.

His finest aspect as observed by me is the extraordinary skill on pursuing NIFTY50 constantly through the time. I have seen many trader pursue NIFTY50 for few times or multiple times, but I have never seen a person doing it so consistently that sometime it seems that NIFTY50 is actually following him!

It was during October 2016, @vijay73 caught my attention. On 13/10/2016 vijay was about closing his 213 points winning trade on the Nifty index Futures.

I thought, how this was possible?

A 2.43 percentage winning trade on the index! This was the epitome for being an index trader. Though for @vijay73, this seemed normal and just another one of his everyday winning trades.

I said to myself, this is the index trader I want to be one day, and began to observe his trading style.

Members on the tradingview chatroom would agree with me too, that @vijay73 is the role model of the index trader they want to be. Everyone respect him and he is also humble despite being an extremely successful trader, though I think that’s what a role model should be.

I would like to share some qualities I have observed in @vijay73, during the past few months:

1) @vijay73 trades with calculated levels of entry, exit, resistance, supports and no trade zones.

2) @vijay73 trades with no preconceived notions on the index. He is bullish or bearish only when his numbers and charts says it is.

3) @vijay73 is not too early to take profit or not too late to cut of losses.

4) @vijay73 is a very relaxed and very much in control of his emotions . He is never in a hurry to take on trades because he has to.

5) Never seen him complain about a lost opportunity due to power-cut or other engagements. He is confident of winning again the next day.

6) Very few instances, where I have seen his index trades hit stop loss. Never seen him reverse his positions too quick. He waits for the index to reach his next set of numbers or for the market to settle down to confirm the next trade.

7) Finally, he is extremely clear about his targets and thought process. He doesn’t brag about it, but I have seen a tremendous consistency of him being right.

So what does it take to be a trader like @vijay73 ?

Time and Patience, Experience, Dedication, a humble Attitude and a willingness to share years of knowledge with other budding traders.

Even today, 23rd February 2017, while this article has been written , @vijay73 intraday targets on Nifty has hit 5 days in a row.

You can meet up with @vijay73 and observe his trading style on the tradingview chat room.

The best NIFTY trader in India

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