Leveraged Delivery Trading Facility for Positional Traders

Leveraged Delivery Trading from your broker helps you take multi day leveraged positional trades in the NSE or BSE Equity Cash segment.

Very few discount brokers in India currently offer this facility to their clients.

Let us look through some of the brokers that provide this facility, so you can get a generalized view regarding this subject.

Some common requirements across all the brokers for Leveraged Delivery:

  1. The positional trades are taken on the NEST trader platform under the NRML product type, use the call and trade facility instead, to make things easier and to avoid confusion.
  2. The brokerage charges are applicable as per your currently T&C.
  3. The brokers lets you keep your leveraged open positions ONLY till the next quarterly settlement due date.
  4. They also require you to have a demat account directly with them, so you don’t run away with the leveraged shares.

Broker Specific Features for Leveraged Delivery trading :

Features SASONLINE here TRADESMART ONLINE here SAMCO here recommend a broker here
Multi Day Leverage provided 5 x  4 x  4 x
Minimum Fund in Trading AC 50,000 25,000  Not Specified
Annual subscription charges 1,179 INR 1,180 INR 1,180 INR
Additional Interest Charges per day. 0.05 Percent per day on the total ledger debit 0.05 Percent per day on the total ledger debit 0.05 Percent per day shall be levied on the outstanding amount.
Exchanges, Platform, No of Stocks NSE, NEST, NSE, NEST,  NSE & BSE, 300+ Stocks
Auto Position square off Losses on positions exceed 80 Percent or Loan to value falling below 20 Percent . 50 Percent of your margin gets eroded due to MTM loss. Mark-To-Market Losses in your trading account exceed 80 Percent .