Zerodha Pi Coding : Custom Coding Service.

Zerodha Pi Scanner Code

Need your Trading Strategy coded in Zerodha Pi TradeScript  code ?

You can get your Zerodha Pi Coding done here. Please use the LIVE CHAT on this Site to contact me.

1) Send your strategy or link to tradingqna forum post by LIVE Chat.

2) Wait for 5 mins, while I check if your Strategy is code-able on Tradescript

3) Receive the codes by chat or by email. Codes get dispatched in immediately, most times.

Charges For Zerodha Pi Coding for Scanner / EA  etc.

200 Indian Rupees for 1 Strategy : A Single Custom Coding of your Strategy. Include upto 5 Conditions.

300 Indian Rupees for 2 strategies : Ideal for Traders who needs The ENTRY and EXIT Strategy coded.

Please use this service only if you are familiar using Zerodha Pi , EA , backtest etc.

Only the codes are provided , no setup assistance available.

The codes will be first tested for errors. You will receive only working codes.

If you are very new to Zerodha Pi, Please read these article before you place your order:

What is Tradescript on Zerodha Pi

Zerodha Pi Scanner : Beginner user checklist