Zerodha Pi Coding : Custom Coding Service.

Zerodha Pi Scanner Code


How to get your Trading Strategy coded in Zerodha Pi TradeScript code ?

Email your intraday strategy to [email protected] and wait for a response by email to know if your strategy can be coded on tradescript to use with Pi scanner.

If its possible to code your strategy on tradescript, you will informed on the charges and be asked to follow up with a screenshot of the candlestick pattern on chart.

The codes will be delivered within 24hrs.


Charges For Zerodha Pi Coding for Scanner / EA  etc.

500 Indian Rupees for 1 Strategy : A single custom coding of your strategy. Include upto 5 conditions.

750 Indian Rupees for 2 strategies : Ideal for traders who needs the LONG and SHORT side of the strategy coded.



Only the codes will be delivered, no setup or troubleshoot assistance are available.

So this coding service is useful only for traders already familiar with using tradescript, using Zerodha Pi , EA , backtest etc and just needs the strategy framed in tradescript.

The codes will be tested for priming errors before delivery.


If you are very new to Zerodha Pi, Please read these article before you place your order:

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