What to do when Zerodha Charts not working ? SOLUTION

Zerodha Charts not working have become a hot topic for worry among retail traders in India.

Most of Zerodha’s chart not working problems are temporary, and gets back to working normal the next day.

Here are some solutions to keep your daytrading activity steady, even if the zerodha’s charts are slow and laggy during some days.

1) From Computer, Use Upstox’s Web Charts for Free.

You do not need a trading account with Upstox to start using Upstox’s Web platforms. No sign in or registration required. Get all the Intraday charts and technical Indicators you need in a few clicks. Use the below link and use the TRY LIVE DEMO option on the screen.


2) From Mobile, Use Edelweiss Trading app for Free.


Why not start using the Edelweiss Mobile Charting Platform for Free ? One of the best mobile technical analysis app for Indian Stock Markets. All Live Intraday charts are available on the app. Sign in with your mobile number and the charting application opens up.

All these alternate facilities are available for free on the Internet, for you to use.

There is no reason you should be worried, even if Zerodha’s charts are not working some days.

Trade Safe and Stay Awesome.