Why working husbands need to worry when housewives starts researching about daytrading.

The tremendous growth of the digital economy in India has opened up new opportunities for housewives to work from home. Using their free time, to earn a part time income by providing a digital freelancing service, home based online startups, cottage industries etc. Many housewives are doing it successfully and creating an impact in the advancement of the Indian economy and becoming financially independent even as a full time homemaker. 

These inspiring stories have now encouraged other housewives in India to research about the different options on how they can do their part financially by making use of their free time and the internet.

With the recent popularity on the internet explaining how Indians are able to easily access the stock market using discount brokers, daytrading will show up as the easiest option on the internet for anyone looking to earn a part time income.

The videos on youtube and websites promoting such short term speculation of the financial markets do not mention that statistically more than 95% of retail participants lose their money engaging in daytrading.

Now, this situation where housewives searching for online opportunities to earn part time income has come to the attention of the modern day snakeoil salesmen from the unregulated financial advisory sector in India. “Housewives” are now strategically mentioned as a target customer on such advisory websites offering unrealistic returns from speculating the financial markets.

Unregulated advisory services promising unrealistic financial returns to housewives when paying up for their daytrading tips package, algo trading systems etc. 

Now, this is a concern for working husbands when your full time homemaker wife starts researching about earning an income from daytrading. We are not talking about the responsible individuals who do not fall victim to such unrealistic offers. But about those who have access to your pension pot and like to surprise their husbands on how much they have contributed strategically to increase the family’s life savings. The working husbands in this case, need to exercise a bit of caution.

While you are burning the daylight at the office, you do not want some modern day snakeoil salesman to siphon off your pension pot as financial advisory fees from your fulltime homemaker wife, do you ?