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What is “options pinning effect” ?

The options pinning effect, also known simply as “pinning,” refers to a phenomenon in financial markets, particularly in options trading, where the price of an underlying asset tends to gravitate towards or “pin” a specific strike price as the options contracts near their expiration date. This effect is particularly noticeable on option expiry days.

The key idea behind the options pinning effect is the interaction between traders’ desire to maximize their profits and the activities of market makers who provide liquidity for options contracts.

Here’s how the options pinning effect works:

Open Interest Concentration: Leading up to the expiration of options contracts, traders may hold a significant number of open positions at various strike prices. Certain strike prices might have higher open interest (the total number of outstanding options contracts) compared to others.

Maximizing Profit for Traders: Traders who hold positions in options contracts, especially market participants who have sold options (option writers), might have a vested interest in seeing the price of the underlying asset close near a particular strike price. This could allow them to maximize their profits by allowing their options to expire worthless or by minimizing their potential losses.

Market Maker Activities: Market makers, who facilitate options trading by providing liquidity, also have an interest in managing their options exposure. They may adjust their positions by buying or selling the underlying asset to maintain a balanced portfolio of options and underlying assets. As the expiration date approaches, market makers adjust their positions to hedge their risks.

The interaction between traders and market makers creates a situation where both parties have an incentive for the underlying asset’s price to stay close to a specific strike price. Traders want this to maximize their profits, and market makers want it to manage their risks effectively.

As a result of these dynamics, the price of the underlying asset often gravitates towards the strike price with the highest open interest, creating the options pinning effect. This effect can lead to seemingly unusual price behavior, as market participants may engage in trading activities to push the price towards the desired pinning level.

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