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The Xtra features on FataFat Premium Stock Screener.

  1. Screening for FnO more Stocks.
  2. Deviation Percentage from 200 DMA.
  3. Market Float Shares Quantity Screener.
  4. Screens for Monthly Percentage change in Price.
  5. Daily volatility based on 5 days Standard Deviation.
  6. Average True Range of 5 days.
  7. Previous Range Breakout Screening.
  8. 15 min and 30 min Open range Breakout screening.
  9. 1st hour Trading Volume Percentage compared to 3 days Average 1st hour Trading Volume.
  10. Daily RSI values.
  11. SWING UP Screener for Positional Traders.
  12. GAP and Reverse History Screener for last 3 Daily candles.
  13. Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Pattern Screener on Daily candle.
  14. 20 DMA 50 DMA Trend.
  15. 50 DMA 200 DMA Trend.
  16. 7 day High Low Breakout Screening.
  17. Top 5 DASHBOARD Screener.
  18. End Of Day Open Interest Change Percentage updated after 6pm. Ideal for next days trading notes.
  19. End Of Day Futures Price Change Percentage updated after 6pm. Ideal for next days trading notes.
  20. End Of Day Monthly OI Change Percentage updated after 6pm.
  21. Master Trend Screening.
  22. BTST Screening at 3.20pm.

You get to enjoy all the above extra features on the Premium Package.

FataFat Stock Screener FREE vs Premium, Features Compare.

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FataFat Stock Screener v3

Who can subscribe to FataFat Premium ?

Subscribe after you are familiar using the free version of fatafat screener.

Please use the Free version for a week before you subscribe to FataFat Premium.

The FataFat screener IS NOT an ‘as is’ trading indicator OR a trade signal generator.

These tools are useful only if you are familiar with daytrading and have a trading strategy of your own.

These tools, combined with your experience will help you quickly filter stocks for daytrading.

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