NOW TRADING Terminal : One Click Order Placing tweak

I have discovered few tweaks to get this trading terminal perform at its peak to fit my trading style.

A one click trade execution hotkey tweak for entry or square off to help with my breakout trading.

One click on the mouse, and the orders get placed automatically in about 1 sec.

The orders gets placed at the LTP of the scrip. In this way I will not have to compromise on the bid and ask spreads. A Hotkey also gets my orders placed quicker before the price starts retracing after breakouts.

To get the above Hotkey tweak working with my NOW trading terminal, I use the X-Mouse Button Control software (this is a free software). X-Mouse automates the key sequencing otherwise required to perform the order placing task manually. X-Mouse assigns a hotkey on my computer mouse and automates the order placing task at high speed.

Assigning the HOTKEYS for The NOW Trading Terminal.

I use the following hotkey options on the mouse. Scrolling Down to place a buy order and Scrolling Up to place a sell order. I also have the same hotkeys set on the 4th and 5th buttons of the mouse.

A similar one click order placing hotkey tweak could help you make your trading easier and productive. With a bit of effort, you can get this idea running on any Trading terminal you use. Use this information as a mind opener to get your customised one click setup programmed.

Please note: Using these settings, will need you to pay extra attention when daytrading.

I will share screenshots of the settings  used to get the Hotkeys working on The NOW Trading Terminal.