① Zerodha: Apply for The Bharat 22 ETF. LINK here !

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Apply for The Bharat 22 ETF with Zerodha?

If you are a Zerodha Brokerage Trading client, you can apply for the Bharat 22 ETF from this link below:


How is the application money for The Bharat 22 ETF processed with Zerodha?

The application amount is deducted from your Zerodha Trading Account balance. To apply for the Bharat 22 ETF with Zerodha, you need to have the application money in your trading account.

Do I need to have the application money in my Zerodha Trading Account at the time application?

The funds are validated only on the 17th of November when the issue closes. Your Zerodha Trading Account should have the funds available on the 17th. If your trading account is in shortfall on 17th November 2017, your application gets rejected.

Bharat 22 ETF issue application is open for how long?

The Bharat 22 ETF issue opens on 15th and closes on 17th of November, 2017.

When will the units be allotted?

The Bharat 22 ETF allotment is done within 5 business days from the date of the issue closing.

What is the minimum Investment for the Bharat 22 ETF?

The minimum investment for the Bharat 22 ETF is 5,000 INR.

What is the maximum Investment for the Bharat 22 ETF, retail segment?

The maximum retail segment investment for the Bharat 22 ETF is 2,00,000 INR.

Is there a lock-in period for The Bharat 22 ETF?

There is no lock-in period for the Bharat 22 ETF. The Bharat 22 ETF is similar to stocks and you can sell or buy anytime you wish.

Can I apply for Bharat 22 ETF through ASBA?

ASBA facility is not available for The Bharat 22 ETF issue.

Do I receive notification of The Bharat 22 ETF Allotment?

Yes. You will receive an SMS from your Depository once the Bharat 22 ETF gets added to your Demat Account.

Why is The Bharat 22 ETF categorized as NFO at Zerodha?

The NFO here means New Fund Offer and not Futures & Options.

More information on the Bharat 22 ETF?

For detailed information on the Bharat 22 ETF, please check the leaflet here.
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Please consult your Financial advisor for more information.