Intraday VOLUME Tracking Tool on GAdBAd PRO

Intraday VOLUME TRACKING Screener is the latest Tool Developed at StocksonFire.

Intraday Volume Tracking Screener


Intraday Volume Tracking Screener

The 15 min Volume Tracking tool is built into the GadBAd PRO Package.

The beta version of the Volume Tracking Screener helps you screen for volume concentration on 15 Min Time Frames Starting 9:45 AM.

Currently SCREENS 174 FNO STOCKS for Intraday Trading.

Ideal for Volume Price Analysis for Intraday Traders.

LIGHT BLUE = Volume greater than previous 15min.

BLUE = Volume is 2 x greater than than previous 15min.

DARK BLUE = Volume is 3 x greater than than previous 15min.


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