Free GadBad Stock Screener : Operating Manual

GadBad Stock Screener Operating Manual

The GadBad Stock Screener is Realtime Stock Screener.
The Color blocks of the GadBAd Screener starts from 9:30am and Completes at 3:30pm when the market closes.

The 15 min time frames on GadBad are updated to the most recent data on every 15 min time Frame.
For eg. when the Color Blocks updates at 10am , it contains the latest data at 10am.

Each Color block represents 15min time frame:

GREEN BLOCK = Price has increased in the last 15 mins.

RED BLOCK = Price has decreased in the last 15 mins.

Keep following the color patterns to follow the price action on each of the 175 FNO Stocks.

CLICK HERE to Open The Free GadBad Stock Screener.

Column and its Functions on The GadBad Screener:

A = Name of the Stock.

G = The Last Traded Price on the exchange.

H = Screens stocks that has OPEN = HIGH or OPEN = LOW.

I = Stocks forming New Intraday High’s or Low’s.

J = Screens stocks near their Intraday High or Low

V = Dynamic Formula to screens stocks above or below the First 1 hour Opening Range.

W= Screens Stocks by Sectors.

X = Todays opening gaps.

Y = Screens stocks filling up the Opening Gaps.

Z = Filters stocks by Rating . A = The best stocks for daytrading.

AA = One click access to google finance charts.

AB = Name of the Stock.

AC = Screens todays change in price.

AD = Screens the real intraday change in price. LTP – OPENING PRICE ( does not take into account gaps)

DF – ED = 15min blocks from 9:30 to 3:30.