Analyzing intraday Sector Strength : Free GadBad Stock Screener.

Has it ever happened that you are in a hurry to make money, and opened a trade before 9:30 ? Now, if the trade starts going the wrong direction, You begin to wonder if you have made the right decision or not ?

In a panic, You start looking around, for all the data points you can find to prove you were right. First you start with the Nifty index, and then you want to analyse the sector.

The free gadbad screener is a tool that can make your intraday sector analysis easier.

On a traditional sector heatmap , you cannot follow the strength and weakness of a sector as the day progresses. But The free gadbad screener helps you follow the progress of any sectors on NSE on 15min time frames throughout the day.

On this example, let us look how we can track the progress of IT sector right from 9:30am throughout the day:

Gadbad Lite _ Intraday IT Sector analysis Screenshot:

GadBad Stock Screener Intraday Sector Analysis

Screenshot of the same analysis done on The GadBad Pro Stock Screener:

GadBad Stock Screener Intraday Sector Analysis