Symbol Movement Tool on Fyers One for NIFTY Traders

This productive “Symbol Movement” tool is available on your Free Fyers One Trading terminal.

This feature can be accessed by Right-Clicking the Futures Contract on the Fyer’s Desktop Market-Watch.

The Symbol Movement tool on the fyers one helps you identify intraday demand and supply zones for shares and derivatives.

Let us examine how this tool can be used for your daily Nifty index trades.

This Symbol Movement tool populates intraday data for 5min, 15min or 30mins.

For scalping NIFTY options and calls , I watch for large quantity to show up on the Open Interest Column.

The impact of this quantity will be relative to the quantity traded on the same time frame during the day.

This is the screen shot on 27th March 2017 for NIFTY17MAR Futures populated for 15min time frame.

This screen shot shows that large quantity of NIFTY futures were squared off between 14:15 and 14:30.

For Nifty Scalping, I interpret this as change of events for the nifty intraday trend on a 15min timeframe.
The 15min charts also shows that this square off has happened while the Nifty Futures 15min candle was rejected at SUPPORT 2.

From analyzing the above intraday data, I find this as a good opportunity to go long on scalping NIFTY9100 PUT .

The below, 15m EOD chart of NIFTY shows the HIGH of the 2:15 to 2:30 candle was the high for the rest of the day.


Another example:
This 15min intraday report was generated on 24th of March 2017 for the NIFTY17MAR Futures.

Below is the 15min eod chart for Nifty futures for 24th of March 2017 :