What the heck is FoxTrader ?

Fox Trader is the latest buzzing word among Indian Retail Stock traders.

Hopefully, you are as excited as many other retail traders in India to know more about this Fox Trader Software.

For Trader is a Trading Terminal app designed by Reliable Software Company in India.

Fox Trader Screen Shot

You can call it India’s “Make in India” answer to Amibroker or Meta Trader.

Fox Trader is equipped with almost all the features you would expect from a modern trading platform. Chart Analysis, Technical indicators, Live Tick Screening, Algorithm designing, Executing automated orders, Generating trade signals etc.

Fox Trader makes life a lot easier by providing a turnkey solution for Retail Traders in India.

You don’t need to worry about separate data-feeds or third party terminal plugins etc etc. All the connectivity comes built in on The fox Trader.

All you need is some cash in bank, PAN or Aadhar, a mobile and an address of course.

How to use and How much it cost ?

The Fox Trader is a subscription based access Trading Terminal. Daily, Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available to choose from.

You can either subscribe it directly from reliable.co.in or approach the company through your stock broker.

To get started, call the reliable sales team and connect with Swapnil on 02240178900, they help you install the Fox Trader over team-viewer.

You need to provide any one of these information GST, PAN or Aadhar.

The installation process takes about 45 minutes or more. Make sure you have an hour to spare before you ring them up.

Currently upstox trading accounts are Fox Trader compatible. Zerodha will join the band wagon soon.

With just the NSE cash segment, the subscription cost is about 700 INR per month for the Standard Version  and 1400 INR for the Premium.

What is the difference between Fox trader Standard and Premium Version ?

  1. Historical data on the Premium version starts from 1985 , on the Standard version it starts from 2000.
  2. Max of 3 Real-time Scanner instance on the Premium version , standard version screening is limited to only 1 instance.
  3. 312 indicators and signals on the Premium version , the poor man’s version supports only 64 indicators.
  4. and more limitations on the standard version as described  here

What you need to be aware of before jumping in ?

  1. If you subscribe directly from reliable company without having an account with Upstox, the charges are 1200 INR for 1 month for the standard version.
  2. If you are an upstox or zerodha client let them know you need the FoxTrader and not the FoxNet software.
  3. FoxTrader lets you trade directly from the software using your Upstox / Zerodha client ID while FoxNet is only for analysis. Both software have the same feature except for order processing.
  4. After you make the payment on reliable website , it comes up with an error screen. Ignore this error and do not try to pay again, because the money is already deducted from your bank.
  5. If you need help on setting up screeners on FoxTrader, make sure you speak directly with Dinesh on the Reliable customer support line. He can easily understand what you are talking about, and help you set up the scanners quickly.

You can avail a 2 day Free Trial Period of the Fox Trader Standard Version at 


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