FoxTrader : How to use events watch Scanner ?

The Events Watch Scanner on FoxTrader can be accessed from the SCANNERS > Events Watch.

The events watch Scanner is a tick by tick Scanner that works during Market hours.

You can select any or many of the predefined set of conditions in the Events Filter to Screen Stocks Real-time.

On the below screenshot you can see the events watch scanner on the right panel of my FoxTrader Terminal.

The Events Watch Scanner is screening for Stocks making new intraday highs above yesterday’s high or having very large quantity trades with daily turnover above 10 crore and priced between 100 INR to 1500 INR

FoxTrader Events Watch Scanner

How to use the Events Watch Scanner of Foxtrader ?

  1. Open the Events Watch window from the SCANNERS > Events Watch menu.
  2. On the events watch window select the FILTER TAB.
  3. On the Second drop down Menu select the segment you want to run the scanner, ALL Stocks, Only FNO, Only NON-FNO, Nifty 50 etc
  4. Now click the “D” default button and set the selected segment as default.
  5. Click the “Pointed Cursor” like button next to the third drop down menu. This contains the predefined set of events you want to scan for. There are plenty of events to choose from, for example screen for stocks making new high, new low, very large traded volume etc etc. watch the video below to see all the options you can screen for in Realtime.
  6. The fourth drop down menu contains options to set the stock price range, and Todays Turnover in crores.
  7. After you have finished with the settings , click the “TICK like” button at the end.
  8. The Events Watch window now opens The RUN TAB and starts the scanning process.
  9. On the RUN TAB you have options to pause the scanner, etc.
  10. You can Save and Load your Events Watch Settings using options on the “LOAD TAB”


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