Fox Trader : Market Watch Explained

Screen Shot of the Fox Trader Market Watch :

Fox Trader Market Watch

The Fox Trader Market watch is updated every second.

The Market watch on Fox trader can be loaded from The MARKETS > Market Watch menu.

Predefined list of market watch is available or you can manually add the scrips you need.

The top panel list all the scrips in your list and each columns displays the technical information you require.

The Second panel visually displays the Pivot Support Resistance information. It plots the current price of the scrip in relation to the Intraday Pivots Support and Resistance.

The Bottom Panel Graph displays the percentage change information for the scrips loaded in your market watch.
You can further customize the Graph with cother parameters from the drop-down menu on top

What is the Yellow Bubble on Fox Trader that appears on the bottom of your market watch ?

The yellow bubble graphically represents the traded volume of each scrip in comparison to other scrips in your market-watch list.

This yellow bubble helps you quickly identify scrips with high trading volume.

In the above screenshot you can see Infosys today has a higher traded volume in comparison to the other scrips in the list.


Fox Trader market Watch – Video exploration :