FataFat Stock Screener : Finding SHORTING Trades at Pre Open.

These are the conditions I use, to identify SHORTING Trades during the Pre-Open Market 9:10 to 9:15am.

On the Daily Scan Engine of FataFat Stock Screener v2.0

  1. Column BQ : Screen for 3 DAY DOWN.
  2. Column D : Rearrange GAPS Z to A (highest positive first).

TODAY, From the Top 5 List on a further Chart analysis I identify TataMotors RIPE and READY for Shorting.

Tata Motors opens at 503 and creates an intraday low of 466 and closes at 482.

Watch this video to see How I do the Screening for SHORTING opportunity during Pre-Open session using The FataFat Stock Screener :

(click the image for a clearer video)

FataFat Stock Screener Shorting


Using the above Pre-Open Screening Procedure , requires you to have a pre market awareness. Post Screening Chart Study helps you identify the risk to reward.

This is not something you want do after waking up at 9:10 and looking for something in a hurry to trade on.

This is the same Screening conditions I use for identifying the second pole of Bull flag Breakouts. The confirmation comes from the post chart study of the above result.