Best Resources for Zero Cost daytrading in India.

Reducing the trading cost is important for any daytrader. Are you looking forward to cutting down on your trading cost?. These Free Trading resources available in India, might sound interesting to you.

The discount brokerages in India are in a tough competition against each other. Discount brokerage firms has stopped charging account opening fees. You can open a trading account free of charge with no annual maintenance charges. If you already have a demat account, you can link your existing demat to your new trading accounts.

This competition has benefited the daytrading community indirectly. With no minimum funding requirements or other standing charges, you can now maintain more than one trading account at Zero Yearly cost. This helps you mix and match the best resources available with different brokers for your own benefit. Making your daytrading more productive with the best tools and at the same time bringing your trading cost to zero.

1) Free Trading with No brokerage fees: (Zero Brokerage Fees)

Finvasia offers brokerage free trading to their Trading clients. No monthly fees, no subscription fees. Brokerage Free trading for Intraday FNO and Equity. Use The NOW Trading Platform to place your orders to the exchange at zero cost.

Free Stock Trading in India

2) NO AMC Demat Account: (Zero Demat amc)

Upstox brokerage is providing Free Demat accounts with No Annual Maintenance Charges. You can maintain this as your only Demat Account and link your many trading accounts to this one. Yearly cost of owning a demat account is now zero.

Zero amc demat

3) Charting Software: (Free with Trading account)

Fyers brokerage has the best charting software that is ideal for daytrading in India. With no account opening fees for fyers,  You can get access to the best charting platform in India at no cost by opening a trading account with them. The Free inbuilt intraday screeners on the Fyers gives this platform an extra edge over the others in the market.

Fyers Free Charting Platform

4) FataFat Stock Screener: (Subscription cost Zero)

Majority of daytrader’s prefer to trade only FnO stocks. The FataFat Stock screener is the most productive free price action stock screener for FnO stocks in India. This is free to use for any daytrader in India.

Free Stock Screener India


The above 4 tools summarizes the best Trading resources currently available in India. All this for Free, at the same time helping you bring down your trading related cost to Zero with no Yearly Maintenance charges.