SASOnline Alpha Trader Scanner : How to use ? Tutorial

The Alpha Trader Platform from SAS Online  has an inbuilt Real-time Scanner tool.

The Intraday Scanner on your SASOnline Alpha Trader Platform helps you scan real-time for Trending Stocks.

You can code your own set of conditions or use the ready made codes available on this site.

How to use SASonline Alpha Trader Scanner ?

First, Login to your SASOnline Alpha Trader Desktop platform.

Step 1 : Access the  ALERTS menu on the toolbar.

Step 2 : From the ALERTS Menu, select SCANNER.

Step 3 : After the Scanner window opens up, Select the “New Scanner” menu.

Alpha Trader Scanner

Step 4 : Enter the custom name of the Scanner function of your choice.

Step 5 : Copy and Paste the Alpha Trader Scanner Codes from this link.

Step 6 : Select the Scanning candle time-frame. eg. Minutes.

Step 7 : Select the number of backfill data you want to include in your scanner. eg. 5 Days.

Step 8 : Select the candle time frame you want to run the scanner on. eg. 5 minutes.

Step 9 : Select the symbols you want to include in your Scanner.


Finally, After you have defined the symbols, Select OK to save the scanner.

Now on the “New Scanner” drop down menu select the scanner you have just created and Click the “LOAD” Button.

Your Alpha Trader Scanner is now, up and running.