Get your own Strategy Custom Coded on The ALGOrithm add-on

Custom Code your Strategy on Algorithm addon

Do you have an Intraday Strategy that needs Custom Coded ?

The ALGOrithm add-on is based on this concept.

Screen your custom price action conditions on FataFat v3.

Your strategy gets coded on the add-on and the screening results are generated at the time you need.

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Here is an example of Custom Coding  service.

Raju finds an intraday strategy on the internet and he want to try it out.

The strategy is “The stock opens gapup and forms a First 10 minute RED candle”

Raju gets the strategy custom coded on The ALGOrith add-on.

So now, at 9:25 Raju can fatafat locate the FNO stocks matching his conditions.

Strategies with complex conditions can be custom coded on The ALGOrithm add-on.

Also by subscribing to the ALGOrithm addon, you can share the other strategies that is currently coded on the addon.

Cost of Custom Coding your strategy on FataFat v3?

The ALGOrithm addon is now a part of the FataFat v3 Package.

You will find your custom screening condition on the ALGOrith sheet of FataFat v3

The subscription to V3 for 30 days is 199 INR.

Custom coding column one time Setup fee cost 249 INR.

So first month = 249 + 199 = 448 INR.

From second month on wards = Just 199 INR.