ALGOrithm add-on for FataFat Stock Screener.

FataFat Stock Screener Algorithm addon

The ALGOrithm add-on is a subscription based Screening tool kit. You can use this alongside the Free FataFat Stock Screener.

The ALGOrithm add-on uses a combination of individual screening conditions from the free fatafat screener. The formulas used on the add-on creates refined results for intraday trading.

This add-on screens all FnO stocks finding stocks matching generally accepted intraday strategies. The screening is done at specific times of the trading day. Formulas screening for stocks matching conditions at 9:13am, 9:14am, 9:17am, 9:20am, 9:30am, 9:45am, 9:46am, 10am etc and 4 dynamic formula.

There are 16 intraday formula currently programmed on this beta version.

ALGOrithm add-on Screenshot

When you hover the mouse on each cell on ROW 1, you get the conditions used on each formula.

For example:

  1. The formula on Column Q 9:25 AM screens stocks RED = GAP UP open + First 10 min RED CANDLE + LTP at 9:25 is above Yesterday’s CLOSE.
  2. The formula at Column S 9:45 screens stocks where GREEN = Open GapUP and at 9:45am LTP > Today’s Open Price.
  3. The Dynamic Formula at Column T screens stocks above or below there 9:15am to 12:30pm range.

This add-on makes it easier to quickly identify stocks matching popular intraday screening conditions.

The ALGOrithm add-on is currently in the beta stage, you are welcome to subscribe at reduced rates.



ALGOrithm add-on Formula Example:

Screening Example for 10/03/2017. Opening breakout potential screening ideal for FAST Traders at 9:13am.

FataFat Stock Screener Algorithm addon Example 1

1 minute Opening Chart for 10/03/2017.

FataFat Stock Screener Algorithm addon Example 2

Who can Subscribe ?

The ALGOrithm add-on is NOT for beginners. This is not a Trade Signal Generator.

This is useful only if you know what daytrading and price action trading is.

Screened results on the ALGOrithm add-on need to be analyzed further using your own trading skills.

If you have not used the Free FataFat Screener, please use it for a week before you subscribe to the add-on.

If you know how to use the FataFat Screener, using the add-on is easy. This tool is not downloadable.

The add-on subscription gets activated to your google account, so please make sure you have a google email address first.

How to subscribe to ALGOrithm add-on?

The ALGOrithm addon is now a part of the FataFat v3 Package.

The subscription to V3 for 30 days is 199 INR.


Most of the time, you get a response immediately, but not delayed more than 24 hrs.