FREE Amibroker Data Feed – Limited OFFERS

This FREE Amibroker Data Feed advertisement arrived in my inbox last week.

100 days of data feed for free ? Is it Real ?

You do not get these offers every day. I immediately signed up.

YES this offer is real and it works. The offer ends 31st JAN 2018.

free amibroker data feed

Download their Data Feed Plugin , it asks you to register with your phone number and email.

Avoid giving your real Phone Number or email when registering , to avoid chance of SPAM messages.

After the initial registration the plugin starts working automatically.

The Free Amibroker data feed was up and running in 5 minutes.

FREE Amibroker Data Feed Screenshot.


  • FREE Amibroker data for 100 days as advertised.
  • Easy to self setup and get running. Works straight out of the box.
  • Works fine, you can’t ask more its just Free.
  • Fast back-fill for 90 days of intraday data.


StocksOnFire is not in anyway related to the advertised company. I am sharing this article here because the offer works as advertised. I have signed up myself. When others are charging a minimum of 500 p.m for each segment, this 100 days of Free Amibroker data Feed seems like a windfall gain for Amibroker users in India.

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